MAY 26th - 29TH, 2016


 Home to the Southeastern US World Championship

Memorial Day Weekend
Baker's Island Recreation Area
Webster Springs, WV



Miss Woodchopper will be crowned on May 21st, 2016 @ 7:00pm

Jr. Miss Woodchopper will be crowned on May 22nd, 2016 @ 4:00pm

Miss Woodchip will be crowned on May 23rd, 2016 @ 7:00pm

     Since 1960, each Memorial Day weekend, the "Southeastern US World Championship Woodchopper" title is won at the annual Webster County Woodchopping Festival in Webster Spring, West Virginia.

     This festival is a natural outgrowth of Webster County's timbering heritage.  The sport of Wood Chopping, was born in the mountain logging camps as young men sought to entertain themselves showing off their skill and endurance.

     All-Around Champion Arden Cogar, Sr., a native of Webster County is one of the many local legends who has helped build the festival.  He began competing in 1956 and has since won 47 championship titles in the US and Australia.

     With more than $30,000 in prize money up for grabs, choppers come form as near as the scenic mountains of West Virginia and as far away as New Zealand.  Their skills are put to the test in a variety of events including the Springboard, Jack & Jill Crosscut, Axe Throw, Standing Block, Hot Saw, and much more.

     So come out and join us, pick out your favorite lumber jack or lumber jill and cheer them on.

Webster County Woodchoppers Grand Prize Overall Winner for 2015

Dave Jewett

Miss Woodchopper 2015-Danielle Polling

Jr. Miss Woodchopper 2015-Olivia Carpenter

Miss Woodchip 2015-Hanna Wayne




Firemans Rodeo -


To kick off the festival on Friday night, the West Virginia State Championship Firemen's Rodeo is held.  Fire departments from all over the state complete in such events as the bucket brigade and Firemen's Challenge.  Trophies are awarded to both individuals and team winners.  A Firemen's Challenge is an event that tests the actual fire-fighting skills in a race against others and the clock.

Final Results for Woodchoppers 2015

 The Webster County Woodchopping Festival Committee would like to thank the following sponsors for their long years of support and in helping make this year as successful as the last:  John Skidmore Development, Inc., Jim C. Hamer Company, Columbia Forest Products, Highlander Pharmacy, Mike Ross, Inc., Bryan Equipment, Ace Hardware & G&R, IGA Supermarket; Leslie Equipment Company, Cogar Enterprises, Pardee & Curtin, Stihl, North Side Automotives, United Bank, Cogar Right of Way Clearning, LLC, Go-Mart, Inc, Weyerhaeuser, Webster County Memorial Hospital, WEBCO Pharmacy, Beverage Distributors

Axe Thow

2-Man Cross Cut

Hot Saw